The Interview

I’ll admit I only watched this film because of the Sony hack and surrounding drama.

I don’t really like Seth Rogen comedies, or modern American comedies in general. They lack the critical element of a comedy, actually being humorous. Most seem to rely on crude humour that I simply don’t find funny.

The Interview is laced with crude innuendo, toilet humour and juvenile sexual references throughout. See for example, one of the introductory shots of Agent Lacey played by Lizzy Caplan.

That said, the humour doesn’t totally fall flat.  The opening scene with Eminem goes in a radically different direction than what I was expecting much to my surprise and delight. It then proceeds to makes jokes like… well this:

There are a few jokes that are built up and have a pay off. Only a few though, the majority of the film is very low brow. The film passed the six laugh test, albeit barely.

The reddit /r/movies discussion on the film neatly picks out the funniest gags from the movie. You can read that and get about 90% of the humour. There isn’t all that much more to be said about the humour really. Do you like Rogen/ Goldberg movies? Then you’ll like The Interview. If not, read a couple reviews and the Eminem scene and you’ll get as much as you’re going to get from the film.

Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen Aaron Rapoport plays the same character he does in every film he’s in acting as the plot driving force as the practically only character with any scenes which are more plot orientated than just silly gags. James Franco is passable as David “Dave” Skylark, primarily pulling funny faces, doing silly things and acting like a child. It’s Randall Park as Kim Jong-un who takes the crown though making the scenes with Franco passable, and getting it past the aforementioned six laugh test.

The film dabbles just a little in satirising the trashy celebrity “news” coverage, but barely scratches the surface other than with some throw away jokes and cameos. It’s so subtle, it’s almost accidental.


The Interview appeals to a certain group of people, of which I don’t belong to. If you’re reading this, I suspect you don’t either. Watch it once because of the Sony drama, then never again.


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